Hello Cloud

This week I added a new collection of items to my etsy shop, cute little clouds!

These little clouds have been waiting to be finished all summer, and today I finished everything off and got some photos so that I could list them.

Hello Clouddream cloud

custom cloud


Currently available are ‘hello’ and ‘dream’, and I also accept custom requests. Each cloud has a hanging hook on the back so you can easily hang them on the wall.

I also have some additional items coming over the next few days, including a modern nursery room collection of garlands to match the black and white style of the clouds.

View the clouds in my Etsy store.


Felt bunny sewing pattern

I finished and published this felt bunny sewing pattern back in March, but for some reason I forgot to blog about it (terrible!)

felt bunny sewing patternThis is the first pattern in a range I plan to release (with the next one coming soon!)

It is a pdf pattern to make a cute little felt bunny soft toy, it includes photo step by step instructions, pdf pattern and sewing stitches tips.

You can find the pattern in my second etsy shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/ToySewingPatterns


custom garland

Custom order challenge

Last week I had a customer contact me about making a custom star hanger and garland. I am always up for a challenge.

custom garlandShe had a lovely fabric printed to make curtains for the baby room, and sent me the left over to make this star hanger and 3,5 meters of garland.

The garland was most challenging as it was something totally new for me to make.

custom garlandMy usual garlands are made from felt, this garland is made from two layers of fabric stuck together. The end result is beautiful to showcase the lovely fabric she had, but using a different material did cause some issues when sewing it together, but the end result is beautiful.

If anyone else fancies giving me a challenge for a custom order, you are more than welcome!



hexagon coaster tutorial

Hexagon Coasters – Tutorial

I always dream that one day I will have the time (and motivation) to make a quilt. I love the hexagon quilts I see popping up on some of the blogs I read and admire the time and patience it takes to cut and sew all those hexagons together. For now though I wanted to stay a bit more in my comfort zone and made these cute hexagon felt coasters.

hexagon coaster tutorial

They are super easy to make, and you can make them your own by picking a colour scheme to match your personal taste and style.

Sewing Threads
Hexagon template

  1. For each coaster you need 7 small hexagons. You can use the template (link above) to cut them out.
  2. Pin the small hexagons onto a piece of felt leaving a small gap (2mm) between each hexagon. Handstitch around each hexagon to secure it to the backing felt.
  3. Add a second layer of felt behind the one you just sewed the hexagons onto and stitch around the outside of your hexagons (I used my sewing machine as it was quicker).
  4. Trim around your hexagons leaving 2mm of felt around the edge.

hexagon coaster tutorial

And that is it! Repeat for however many coasters you need to make.

I also make a set in bright rainbow colours. What colours would you use for your coasters?

hexagon coaster tutorial