Nearly 1 year of business

The end of August is going to mark 1 year that Toastie Studio has been in business.
Originally when I started I only focused on web development and kept my sewing to personal time. But living in the Netherlands and not speaking much Dutch made it difficult to find new clients and I had to find an extra source of income to fit in with my web work if I wanted to stay living here. So I decided to sell my handmade plushies and gifts. I have done fairly well selling them so far, but since my 1 year anniversary is coming up I decided I would really go all out.
Through out August I am going to be sewing like a mad woman and also redesigning At the beginning of September I will be opening an Etsy shop and also listing items on (ebay in the Netherlands). I will also hopefully have a new collection ready for sale by the end of September. My new collection is based on English and Dutch nursery rhymes. During the coming weeks I will be posting images of the new items I am working on and also a sample of what my new website will look like.
But for now here is a recently finished commision piece.

It is a plushie treble clef made to be a gift for someone who really likes music. I made it from black felt and stuffed it with tiny cut up scrap felt (poly toy stuffing wouldnt work on such a thin plushie). It is 20cm long and 8cm wide.

I hope the person who will be receiving this as a gift really likes it 🙂

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