Strawberry Tote!

As anyone who is crafty can tell you, inspiration is everywhere!
I really like strawberries, they taste lovely (especially Dutch strawberries) and they are colourful and summery. And with this lovely weather I thought I would make some plushie strawberries. I follow this amazing tutorial (by mr.monkeysuit) to make my strawberries. While stuffing my strawberry I thought would a lovely bag it would make if I could just make it on a bigger scale. A nice little clutch bag with a strap for my wrist, but if you are like me your handbag is packed full of just about everything and it would never fit into a small clutch bag, soooo….
A fold up shopping bag! In the Netherlands you always need to carry a shopping bag with you as supermarkets don’t give out free carrier bags. So I drew up my pattern, went and got my fabric and started sewing! And here is a picture of the Strawberry Tote.
strawberry bag
strawberry bag
There are a few things I want to alter in my design before I put them for sale in my webshop, and I want to swap the red fabric for red and white polka dot fabric but my local sewing shop didn’t have any in. But I love mine so much I am sure others will want one too.

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