The things I do for sewing!

I posted a week or so ago about making a tote bags that fold up into a strawberry. The main problem I had was I could not find any red fabric with white polka dots! You would think such a common and popular fabric would be easily available but my local fabric store didn’t stock it and couldn’t tell me if or when they would get any in. SO this weekend I went on a hunt for other fabric stores. Groningen (the city I live in) only has 1 fabric store so I knew I would have to look further afield, unfortunately it was 6 miles away with a bicycle as my only transportation.

So Saturday afternoon me and my boyfriend cycled there, luckily they did have the perfect fabric for me to use in making my tote bags, but 1 mile into the journey home the back tyre on my bike went completely flat. I had to walk the 5 miles left and drop my bike of at a repair shop on the way. But I now have my fabric and can start sewing some tote bags to put for sale in my shop very soon!
The summer is a very quiet time for web design work, everyone just wants to relax in the summer so I don’t find many new clients, but this gives me more time to sew and to redo my website. I hope by the end of August I will have built a new design for my website and improved my online store. I am also planning to set up a etsy webshop in September so will be posting about that later.

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