Monthly Archives: August 2010

Website sneak peek

Still not much sewing this week as I have been putting all my hours into rebuilding my website and online store. Here is a sneaky peak at the layout.

Tomorrow I go away on vacation to the UK to visit my family and friends. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again, especially my two nephews (I can’t imagine how much they both must have grown). When I get back I will have to post some pictures because me, my boyfriend and my parents are spending one week at Broad Haven, South Wales. It is such a lovely place to go, the sea there is so clear and the beach is lovely and sandy. I have been visiting Broad Haven nearly every summer since I was little. When I get back I hope to be fully refreshed to start work on my website again and maybe will have got some inspiration for new plushies being in such a lovely place.

See you soon

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Well I have a healthy laptop back again, spent all of yesterday installing updates and software on it so I am ready to roll again this weekend and all of next week. I have a lot or catching up to do before my visit to my family in the UK (so excited!).

I have several to do lists now (because I had too much free time the last few days). I also spent hours trawling the internet looking for new supplies and inspiration. I read all the way back till 2006 on this craft blog because it was so full of useful information and so interesting to see how her craft business has grown and its something I would really love to aim for too.

To not have a totally dull post with no pictures here is the design for my new sewing business card. I wanted it too look like one of those brown tags and I will also be using it as a tag on some items that wont fit into my handmade packaging. I ordered 500 of them and I will have to snip the corners off every single one!

And also this is my website design business card. I am a gluten for punishment as I plan to cut around the toast on all 250 of these cards. I am also going to print some onto magnetic paper to give out to special people!

Dont you just hate it when…

I had big plans for August! New website, new online store, building up stock of plushies and other things to sell online, make over this blog, set up an etsy store, business cards and packaging! Lots planned.
But I have to put a tiny little pause on my plan’s for the next week or so because of a poor ill little laptop that needs to visit the hospital and until it comes back all better I can’t move forward very fast.

I do at least have a picture to post! I normally like to tidy up my pictures and crop them down so sorry this is straight from the camera (because of my poorly laptop).

It is a lovely cushion! I made it using a light blue fleece material and hand-stitched the tree branch, leaves, bird, sun, everything onto it. On the back it has a flap to let you take the cushion inside out so it can be washed. The pillow is about 35cm x 35cm and will be for sale in my new online store (when I get my laptop better!)
I will also be doing some other designs, including some for boys! (Space rockets and jungles!)

Not much to post!!

Packaging to me is one of the most important parts of selling a plushie (especially in a shop). So this week I have been looking for different packaging options for my plushies, but it is so difficult!
I want a bag to protect my items, but not a plastic bag as that is too plain. But a paper bag doesn’t allow people to see the items! I finally came across a perfect solution in a paper bag with a window in it but can no source any locally at an affordable cost.
So since I can do crafts I decided to make my own! Here is a picture of my new packaging!

I make them from a sheet of A4 paper, cut out a toast shaped hole and stick some plastic over it to create the window. Then I fold it into the shape and stick it all together. I think when I get my new site up on-line I will include some instructions for others to follow so they can make their own packaging.