Childrens book week 2010 (NL)

I have been taking it easy since I hurt my back. It is mostly fine now but I have to be careful I don’t sit slumped up and such. I did a lot of sewing over the weekend, and also started and finished a new website project.

Beginning of October in the Netherlands is Childrens book week. Last year I worked with Eva Lenis and we made a small flash game for a book store and they ran a competition with it (they had over 500 entries!!). After such a success last year the book shop asked me and Eva to make something new for this year. So I developed a flash based paint program and Eva made all the illustrations for it. It has turned out really well and I hope it works really well for the book store again this year. When the site is launched I will post a link for everyone.

Screen shot of what it looks like with my drawing of an alien in its homeship 🙂

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