Monthly Archives: October 2010

Err whats my job?

Today I was looking at my website and decided i wanted to spruce up the welcoming page a bit.

I drafted out several versions of a welcoming paragraph but got one big hole in them all. Here is a draft version:


I’m STEFFI and I’m a WEB DEVELOPER and a SOMETHING??. Thanks for visiting my site, I have an online portfoilo for my web development work and an online store that sells my handmade creations. I hope you REALLY ENJOY looking at MY WORK as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

But really what is my something? What is the title for the work I do in sewing toys and gifts from felt and fabric? I searched the web all morning trying to find a job title for it but nothing. There are lots of people out there who do similar work to me but none of them seem to refer to their work with a title.

I am not a seamstress, I am not a artist, I am not a tailor, I am maybe a toy maker but that doesn’t cover everything, I am maybe a felt artist but I also use fabric, I am a crafter but its too vague again, and then I am just plain out of ideas!

I must not sew!

Yesterday I had a very important meeting for a new website project. Because it was such an important meeting I made myself promise not to do any sewing over the weekend so I could get everything ready for the meeting. It was very difficult, especially in the evening when I was relaxing to not just pick up my sewing things but I managed it! And the real bonus is how well my meeting went.

Because I haven’t done much but prep for the meeting for the last few days I have quite a to do list for this week.

  • Update the website for boekhandel barth children’s week competition. The winners have been announced so I have to put their drawings onto the site!
  • Finish my wholesale Christmas decoration flyer and send it out to local companies.
  • List more Christmas decorations on my online shop!
  • List some more items on Etsy
  • Get some chocolates in ready for halloween!!
And as on every weekly to do list restock my shop!
When I finish my chirstmas decoration flyer I will post pictures here of my them.

Custom cushion cover

Today I finished a very special cushion cover. It took me about 5 hours to make the templates, sew it all together and add the detail stitching. I hope the little boy who receives this love it 🙂

I will post over the weekend pictures of the Animal balls, I got side tracked with this cushion!