Monthly Archives: October 2010

Animal ball softies

Here is the progress of the first thing on my list from my sketch book, animal ball softies!!

The pattern pieces for an orange kitty cat, and a pinky pig mid-sewing!
I will post pictures tomorrow (or the day after) of the finished balls!

Sketch pads

I am trying to sort through my sketch pad this weekend. I have filled it over the last few months with ideas and drawings and measurments and patterns that I wanted to try out but have just too many to do, so I am picking some of my favourites to work on during October.

  • Baby safe play balls. (my idea was for a cat shaped ball, so maybe other animals also)
  • Play fruit basket
  • Some other animal keyrings
  • Some more cushion covers (in colours other than blue!)
  • Larger softie, teddy bear, doll, cat or dog maybe and properly in a limited number.
Over the next week I think I will work on the baby safe balls and will post some pictures for you.

Flower drawing pins

One thing that I made and sell are felt covered drawing pins.
I love these pins, they just look so bright and colourful but they take so long to make them.
With everything I sell I always look at how long it takes to make and what the materials cost to make them to get an idea of what its worth, then I think what would I pay for it? If the two values don’t match up then I either look for a better way of making my plushie or decide not to add it to my shop and keep it for special projects. But for these drawing pins I just love them so much that I sell them for less than I should (which is why they are not available for wholesale sorry).

I spent two days cutting out all the flowers, gluing them together (burning my fingers with the glue gun at the same time) trimming the edges so the back and front match perfectly and sewing them together. But when you look at my pretty pin board now, it was all worth it.

These flowers are available in my online shop in sets of 4 for €5.00 + postage. I make them in baby blue, baby pink, lilac, pink, yellow and green, but if you wanted some flowers in a colour to match your room decor email me using the contact form on my website and I will see what I can do. (Custom colour orders cost no more than if you ordered a standard plushie from my shop, they just take a bit longer to send out.)