Monthly Archives: November 2010

First Snow

This morning I woke up to find a layer of snow outside. It was about 2inch deep but luckily it was already starting to melt on the roads and cycle paths.

I do love snow but when you get older its just not as much fun 🙁 Last year was my first winter in the Netherlands and it was a very harsh winter too. We had snow for months, I struggled with my bicycle getting to and from my work studio, I fell off a few times hurting my wrist badly, and all summer I live in my crocs but now I have to wear trainers again else i get wet cold feet 🙁

So for most of today I plan to stay home sulking about the snow. This morning I did some work on my current website projects and enjoyed my rabbit tulip jumping around the room.

With that done I spent the rest of the day working on my super secret Christmas blog advent!! I only have 4 days left to get the majority of it finished but I am really hoping it will go down well with people who read my blog. So please check back 1st December for my first advent post and each day leading up until Christmas!

More new cushions!!

This weekend I completed two new cushion designs.


A lovely bunny silhoutte in a neutral tone, just perfect as a new baby gift! And a dinosaur design for the boys! (I struggel sometimes to make things that would be fun for boys because girls things are just so much cuter but I do love this little dino).
Both are now for sale on my website and at my Etsy shop.
And as a treat for all Christmas shoppers I am offering a 10% discount to all Etsy shop sales just enter the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” and a flat rate shipping fee so you can buy as much as you like but only pay €7.00 (shipping within NL).

Yummy cupcakes *drool*

I do love cupcakes, not just to eat but also on how cute they look, there are so many cooks out their who make the most creative cupcakes that you properly just couldn’t bare to eat one because its so stunning. (Hint this may be my theme for inspiration Wednesday!)

This weekend I made this
It is a new addition to my cushion collection and like my other cushions you can buy just the cushion cover or the cushion with an insert. It is made from baby pink fleece with a felt cupcake sewn onto the front. The cherry has a little stuffing and a green ribbon loop stem for detail. Looks so yummy you could eat the whole thing! You can buy it here.
I hope to add a few more cushions to my online shop in the coming weeks so keep checking back!

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!!

Over the weekend I worked on this lovely rudolph teddy.

He is made from a brown velvet feeling fabric with a red felt nose (with a little stuffing in it) and tiny black buttons for eyes. His antlers are also made from brown felt.

Because it is just so cold outside he needed a lovely warm scarf! The scarf is made from 100% cotton fabric cut into strips and knitted together. He is 48cm tall and 30cm wide.
The real shame with this guy is I could only get a meter of brown fabric, so he will be a limited edition doll. When I work out how many I can make from the fabric I will add him to my web shop and he will come with a certificate saying he is limited edition.

Its Christmas!

Finally it is November so I am allowed to start getting excited that its getting close to Christmas!!

The whole world was against me last month with Christmas themed TV shows and movies, the shops filling up with Christmas chocolates and having to finish my “Christmas 2010” collection!!
Here is a photo of some of my items from my “Christmas 2010” collection

This year I am making (and selling):

  • Christmas trees with bead decorations on them and a bell at the top.
  • Christmas trees with sequin decorations around them and a bell at the top.
  • Red, blue or pink coloured “Ice Skates” with large paperclips as the blade and a ribbon attaching the two boots together.
  • Holly leaves and berries, the berries are handmade beads!

You can order any of these from my on-line shop at

And I also have available as wholesale lots, so if you want more than 10 contact me directly for a discount!