Its Christmas!

Finally it is November so I am allowed to start getting excited that its getting close to Christmas!!

The whole world was against me last month with Christmas themed TV shows and movies, the shops filling up with Christmas chocolates and having to finish my “Christmas 2010” collection!!
Here is a photo of some of my items from my “Christmas 2010” collection

This year I am making (and selling):

  • Christmas trees with bead decorations on them and a bell at the top.
  • Christmas trees with sequin decorations around them and a bell at the top.
  • Red, blue or pink coloured “Ice Skates” with large paperclips as the blade and a ribbon attaching the two boots together.
  • Holly leaves and berries, the berries are handmade beads!

You can order any of these from my on-line shop at

And I also have available as wholesale lots, so if you want more than 10 contact me directly for a discount!

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