Monthly Archives: January 2011

Handmade cards

Before I moved to the Netherlands I made lots of handmade cards to give on birthdays, and also sold some in a local shop and to family. But when I moved to the Netherlands I sold most of my paper craft things because I just couldn’t bring it all with me. One thing I did bring was my stock of handmade cards though and for the last year I have not had much need to send cards to people (with not knowing many people here and postage so darn expensive to the UK).

SO all these cards have been sat there in their little protect pockets and I finally decided I would sell them in my Etsy store so they can finally make someone smile when they recieve one. I spent a long time sorting through then and trying to group them into lots, then taking photos and redoing photos that I messed up with my old silly camera but finally yesterday I listed them on Etsy.
In total there are 10 packs (at the moment) and each pack has between 6 and 7 cards. Some have peel-off sticker messages inside and some are blank. Each pack is €3.50 (so about 50cents a card which is a great price!)

New dolls

I finally got around to taking pictures of the two dolls I made to sell.

This is Lulu. She likes flowers and playing outside in the garden. Her body is made from 100% cotton fabric, and her hair is made from eco-fi sunny yellow felt. Her face is hand sewn and her skirt and necklace are removable.

She is for sale in my Etsy shop and I will be adding some more pictures soon.
And this is another doll I made, but I just can not think up a name for her! Any ideas? I will be listing her in my Etsy shop soon also, and hope to finish my doll maker next week (I really hope at least).

Dydd Santes Dwynwen

Dydd Santes Dwynwen is the Welsh holiday that’s sort of like valentines day (you can read about it on wiki). As I am from Wales I decided I would be cheeky and make my boyfriend celebrate this as well as valentines day (more reasons for hugs!!)

So for my special guy I made this
Its a luvvvvv Newt!!
I made it from light pink fleece (scrap from my pillows so even better). And it was done without a pattern sorry so nothing to share sorry!
For all of those who think this is a weird gift, my boyfriend is weird and likes all these bugs and slimy things.

Friday already?

Just where did this week go? Since starting my dutch lessons my weeks just seem to be over before they even began! I think I need this clock, then I could do everything!

But my time managment aside I did find time this week to do a little sewing. I finished two keychains (doggy & kitty) and also worked on my “create your own doll” flash application that I HOPE to launch next week, perhaps the week after. I can’t wait to launch it and do my first give-away (surprises!!)
I will be back on monday with some photos of my keychains, and maybe a sneaky peek of the doll maker 🙂

New Keychains

This last week has been super busy, I started my dutch lessons and didn’t think they would take up so much of my time! I had to squeeze in some computer website work that was very important but I still managed to fit in a little bit of time to work on 3 new keyrings that I will be adding to my new online shop and also Etsy soon. Here is a sneaky peek at the new keyrings.

They are of course from facebook, twitter and rss icon’s because I love my social websites! I want to do more keyrings but don’t know which icon to pick next, any suggestions?