Handmade cards

Before I moved to the Netherlands I made lots of handmade cards to give on birthdays, and also sold some in a local shop and to family. But when I moved to the Netherlands I sold most of my paper craft things because I just couldn’t bring it all with me. One thing I did bring was my stock of handmade cards though and for the last year I have not had much need to send cards to people (with not knowing many people here and postage so darn expensive to the UK).

SO all these cards have been sat there in their little protect pockets and I finally decided I would sell them in my Etsy store so they can finally make someone smile when they recieve one. I spent a long time sorting through then and trying to group them into lots, then taking photos and redoing photos that I messed up with my old silly camera but finally yesterday I listed them on Etsy.
In total there are 10 packs (at the moment) and each pack has between 6 and 7 cards. Some have peel-off sticker messages inside and some are blank. Each pack is €3.50 (so about 50cents a card which is a great price!)

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