Etsy or Folksy?

For awhile now I have been considering if I should open a Folksy shop. I am all yes, no, yes, maybe, argh!!
So I wanted to ask other people what they think?

  • Do you have a Folksy shop?
  • Do you also have an Etsy shop? Which do you find is better?
  • Do you mostly get European sales on Folksy?
  • Is there much difference between the two?

Any opinions, problems, successes or information is greatly received.
The reason I am so interested in opening a Folksy shop is I want to reach a more European audience. A few of my items (dolls and octoplushes) are to large to fit through a “letterbox” so I have to post the items as a “parcel” and feel so ashamed to charge the postage rates TNTpost charge for delivery to the US (€20!!)
I know I would never pay more postage for an item than I am paying for the actual item and my main principle with all the things I sell is I wont charge more than I would pay myself, even if the time put into them is worth more.



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