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I am glad I managed to get so much done yesterday (Saturday)!! I am so glad because last night I received my first Etsy order for a custom design doll!! I went screaming upstairs to tell Tomas (lucky no other house mates were home).
So last night (while we watched Disney Rapunzul) I cut out all the fabric for the doll, and first thing this morning I was downstairs sewing it. I finished it this afternoon (4pm) and took a quick photo (which I will share later). I will now go wrap her up safely ready for me to take to the post office tomorrow.

It really means a lot when I sell something on Etsy. I am a very doubtful and questioning person so when I see people are viewing my items but not buying it makes me wonder “are they not nice?” or “are they too expensive?” or “what am I doing wrong?”. I have to always remind myself that I have only been selling on Etsy for just over 3 months and that I just need to keep working at things, make new items and to not lose heart.
And to help me remember that I made this little poster to print out and put on the wall by my desk.

For those who might also want this poster I made a pdf version so you can print it in high quality. The finished poster size is A5. You can download the pdf here.

DIY weekend

This weekend started off very DIYish. I had a list of things to finish sorting out from moving my studio back home and also some summer things to get under way.

Saturday I had a fun trip to Ikea to return a few things and buy some other things (and just to walk around Ikea as it is so much fun!!). When we got home I sat for 30 mins cutting holes into the bottom of some cheap red crates we bought at Ikea. They were €0,90 each so much cheaper than buying flower pots! Once I finished I potted them up with soil.

The two red crates have carrot seeds in them. I don’t know how well they will grow but we decided to give them a try and most likely all carrots grown will go to our rabbit, Tulip (unless we actually manage to grow a lot).
The green bucket is preped for tomatoes which at the moment are growing in mini pots on the window sill until they are ready to outside. (Every morning I peek to see if there are any seedlings showing up yet!)

Since moving to the Netherlands I had considered trying to grow something, but we only have a small balcony (although it gets sun through out the morning and afternoon!). When I was little every summer my mum would help me grow sunflowers and it was sooo much fun. When we finally get our own home I would really love a green house, or somewhere I can try growing more things. Below is a picture of me growing sunflowers, they would get pretty tall 😛

Queens Day

On April 30th it will be Queens Day (or Koninginnedag in Dutch) in the Netherlands.
I have only been living in the Netherlands for 1 1/2 years but like to think I am slowly becoming a part of the culture (especially as I learn the language). As such I thought (with some input from my boyfriend) that it would be good to make a badge to wear (and sell) for Queens Day.

The badge is made from an orange fabric yoyo (orange is very big in the Netherlands), and on top is a felt flag (I painted the red and blue stripes myself). Of course as it is a badge there is a pin on the back so everyone can wear it with pride!

I have a couple of these made and am listing them on Etsy. They are €1.50 + postage (€0.50).

Toastie Studio banner

You may have spotted it in the top corner of the image in my last post, but here is the whole thing!

I am still not 100% happy with it. The “S”‘s turned out smaller than the other letters even though I used the same font size, So I will be remaking them a bit bigger. But otherwise I love it and think it will look great behind me on my craft stall at the hip and handmade market in Deventer this June.

I wish I had taken photos as I was sewing it to show how I did it. It is very simple though, but would not work so well for a banner with lots of letters that have holes in them (like O, P, B, etc)

First I printed off all the letters from my computer. I used font type “Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold” and made it as big as I could. You can pick a different font, but chunky fonts work best.

I folded my fabric in half and on one side I drew around my letters. I then sewed around the letters on the line and left a gap for turning.
Dont sew around any inner circles like on O, P, B etc!!!

I cut out the letters from the fabric with about a 1/2cm seam and turned them all right way out. The simple letters like T U S etc I stuffed and ladder stitched shut.

The O A D I had to make the hole in the middle. For this I marked the circle outline and with the letter right way out and stitched along the line. Then I stuffed the letter and ladder stitched it shut.
This gives the letter a flat area where there should be a hole. My fabric was terrible at fraying, but if you used a tight woven fabric you could trim out the hole, or paint it white maybe.

Bye bye work studio

On Friday I moved all my things out of my work studio. I use to share the studio with three other people, but one of them decided to leave and we could not find anyone to replace them and the new higher rent was too much for me.
Although I do most my sewing at home anyway, I did display my creations at my studio so now I have to find somewhere to keep everything! I currently live in a student shared house so only have my room, and my partners room (we live in the same shared house). So after lots of moving things around, I had to say goodbye to the dinner table (we will eat off our laps!) and have my desk (just about) fitting along one of the walls, with my work computer and sewing machine.

The orange bag under the table is kitty litter that I use for my rabbit, along with the box that is for my rabbit to sit in when she is out of her cage (it stops her digging into the floor!!). And of course all my dolls on their little chair waiting to find a new place to sit.

And for those interested this is the other side of the room. Couch and MY sewing chair (be ware of pins in the arm rests!) and “my bunk bed” which I really just use to keep all my sewing things on (it does make very useful storage).

Later tonight it will all be tidy again, but this is how it looked after a weekend of sewing. I should feel very ashamed of the mess but I do this every weekend 😛