Bye bye work studio

On Friday I moved all my things out of my work studio. I use to share the studio with three other people, but one of them decided to leave and we could not find anyone to replace them and the new higher rent was too much for me.
Although I do most my sewing at home anyway, I did display my creations at my studio so now I have to find somewhere to keep everything! I currently live in a student shared house so only have my room, and my partners room (we live in the same shared house). So after lots of moving things around, I had to say goodbye to the dinner table (we will eat off our laps!) and have my desk (just about) fitting along one of the walls, with my work computer and sewing machine.

The orange bag under the table is kitty litter that I use for my rabbit, along with the box that is for my rabbit to sit in when she is out of her cage (it stops her digging into the floor!!). And of course all my dolls on their little chair waiting to find a new place to sit.

And for those interested this is the other side of the room. Couch and MY sewing chair (be ware of pins in the arm rests!) and “my bunk bed” which I really just use to keep all my sewing things on (it does make very useful storage).

Later tonight it will all be tidy again, but this is how it looked after a weekend of sewing. I should feel very ashamed of the mess but I do this every weekend 😛

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