DIY weekend

This weekend started off very DIYish. I had a list of things to finish sorting out from moving my studio back home and also some summer things to get under way.

Saturday I had a fun trip to Ikea to return a few things and buy some other things (and just to walk around Ikea as it is so much fun!!). When we got home I sat for 30 mins cutting holes into the bottom of some cheap red crates we bought at Ikea. They were €0,90 each so much cheaper than buying flower pots! Once I finished I potted them up with soil.

The two red crates have carrot seeds in them. I don’t know how well they will grow but we decided to give them a try and most likely all carrots grown will go to our rabbit, Tulip (unless we actually manage to grow a lot).
The green bucket is preped for tomatoes which at the moment are growing in mini pots on the window sill until they are ready to outside. (Every morning I peek to see if there are any seedlings showing up yet!)

Since moving to the Netherlands I had considered trying to grow something, but we only have a small balcony (although it gets sun through out the morning and afternoon!). When I was little every summer my mum would help me grow sunflowers and it was sooo much fun. When we finally get our own home I would really love a green house, or somewhere I can try growing more things. Below is a picture of me growing sunflowers, they would get pretty tall 😛

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