I am glad I managed to get so much done yesterday (Saturday)!! I am so glad because last night I received my first Etsy order for a custom design doll!! I went screaming upstairs to tell Tomas (lucky no other house mates were home).
So last night (while we watched Disney Rapunzul) I cut out all the fabric for the doll, and first thing this morning I was downstairs sewing it. I finished it this afternoon (4pm) and took a quick photo (which I will share later). I will now go wrap her up safely ready for me to take to the post office tomorrow.

It really means a lot when I sell something on Etsy. I am a very doubtful and questioning person so when I see people are viewing my items but not buying it makes me wonder “are they not nice?” or “are they too expensive?” or “what am I doing wrong?”. I have to always remind myself that I have only been selling on Etsy for just over 3 months and that I just need to keep working at things, make new items and to not lose heart.
And to help me remember that I made this little poster to print out and put on the wall by my desk.

For those who might also want this poster I made a pdf version so you can print it in high quality. The finished poster size is A5. You can download the pdf here.

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