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A couple of weeks ago I was so lucky that I won in the monthly giveaway held at “paper -and- string“. I love to read “paper -and- string”‘s blog, Sarah is so creative and really inspiring in how well she has built her craft business up to the point of quitting the day job to do it full time.
Well on the weekend this parcel arrived and I was so excited opening it. Inside was three “Ice cream soaps”. The soaps were 2nd place price in the give-away and are available from Hailing’s Soap Shop on Etsy shop.

Soon as I opened the box the smell of them was amazing, I don’t know if I can bring myself to actually use them, for now I will keep them by my desk and just sniff them from time to time. On the back is a note to not eat them which is very much needed because they really get your mouth watering!

So thank you Sarah and thank you Hailing!

Japan relief funds

This week I have been overwhelmed by the number of blogs I follow that are trying to help and raise money to help with the disasters in Japan. All these people whose work I admire offering raffles, free patterns or giving sale proceeds to help is just amazing. I can not even imagine how it would be to be one of the people the disasters affected, I can not comprehend the pain they must be suffering emotionally and physically.

Below are a list of some of the amazing things other bloggers are doing to help raise funds for Japan. And at the start of next week I will be posting about how I plan to try and help raise funds.

I am Momma hear me ROAR is offering a handbag pdf pattern for free to those who donate.

Sarah from Paper and String is holding a raffle for an amazing bag full of craft fun.

Jodi from RicRac is offering an handmade soft toy of choice in her raffle.

Pure rox in print is selling jewelry on Etsy with $20 donation from each sale.

Make It Sew is holding a raffle for a collection of lovely handmade items.

Swirlythoughts is holding a raffles for handmade chickens and gift tags and cards.

Elephant Dancing is offering a collection of cute prints in her Etsy shop, with all proceeds going towards helping.

Dotty Spots on Etsy have a collection of items for sale with proceeds helping Japan.

Quotes and Notes are selling fabric origami cranes with the money going to the Red Cross.

Lingo life if holding a raffle for a lovely pillow and bag with notebook.

A bit of this and a bit of that has also posted on her blog details and help for how you can hold a raffle or offer an item in return for a donation to help the Japan.
Are you holding a raffle or other things to help raise money for Japan? Leave a comment on this post and I will add you to the list.

felt lamb pattern tutorial

Little lamb soft toy pattern & tutorial

Not so much an April fools as a spring time gift! Here is a cute little spring lamb soft toy, make it in time for Easter gifts or just because he is sooooo cute!!

felt lamb pattern tutorial

You will need:

  • White felt
  • Grey or black felt (I love the charcoal grey from eco-fi felt!)
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbon
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • And lastly this pattern
First, print off the pattern and cut all the pieces out of your felt.
We are going to start by sewing the face and ears onto one of the white pieces of felt. Take one of the ears and fold one edge in half and pin in place (I find paper clips very handy). Repeat for the other ear, and then pin them behind the face piece of felt.
Start sewing around the edge of the face, securing the ears in place. Before you get all the way around add a little stuffing to give the sheep a nice plump face.
Now we are going to sew the eyes and nose detail on. Use the pattern to help you sew on the detail. By doing it now and not before you make a really nice face with plump cheeks etc.
Now take all 8 leg pieces and sew them together to make 4 sets of legs. Add a little bit of stuffing inside each leg.
Lay your legs down on top of the back white felt piece and pin in place.
Lay the front body piece on top and pin that in place too. Start sewing around the sheep body. When you have nearly sewn all the way around start stuffing your little lamb.
Finish sewing up your lamb. For the final touch tie a piece of ribbon around its neck and make a pretty bow 🙂
Thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope you can make lots of happy little lambs to run around the garden! If you maybe don’t have time to make one but just have to have one, then the little lamb above is for sale in my Etsy shop. The money raised from his sale will be going towards “De Heij” kinderboerderij in Rotterdam to get some potbelly pigs!

A good weekend

I spent most of this weekend sewing lots of things until I badly burnt my hand picking up a pan when the handel was really hot. So for the next few days no sewing while I wait for the blisters to go down and stop hurting!
I made 8 strawberry tote bags. This used up all the red flower fabric I had for them, and the shop I bought the fabric from is now closed 🙁 so I will have to look for a different pattern fabric when I need to make more.

I also had 2 failed attempts at making a “TOASTIE STUDIO” banner out of fabric. The font type I used for the letters just did not work well when stuffed. I have a 3rd better font I am trying today, and if that also fails I will be coming up with a new idea instead!

I also have some very nice sketch ideas for some more of my handmade dolls. I don’t know if they will work out yet but we will see.

I also made a list of materials I need to buy to make some more pillows and also to try some patterns I have had floating around for awhile, but first I need to sell a couple more items from my Etsy shop before I have money to buy new material to try them out. (I hate having to budget when it comes to buying craft things!!)

I also sewed a bunch more Easter decorations after selling most my stock to Juffies (a childrens gift shop in Groningen).

You can also buy these decorations in my Etsy shop, and I am doing free postage on them!! Or if you want to be crafty with the kids I have a kit to make your own.

First ever craft fair

Last week I decided I would take the big plunge and book a spot at an upcoming craft fair. I have been terribly nervous about doing a craft fair, but also see it as a great opportunity.

So I will be at “Hip en Handgemaakt Markt” on Sunday June 5th 2011 in Deventer.

Until then I will be busy preparing for the fair, getting things for my table display and keeping my stock levels up. And also I will be working more on my Dutch so I don’t need to rely on people visiting the fair speaking English!