Toastie Studio banner

You may have spotted it in the top corner of the image in my last post, but here is the whole thing!

I am still not 100% happy with it. The “S”‘s turned out smaller than the other letters even though I used the same font size, So I will be remaking them a bit bigger. But otherwise I love it and think it will look great behind me on my craft stall at the hip and handmade market in Deventer this June.

I wish I had taken photos as I was sewing it to show how I did it. It is very simple though, but would not work so well for a banner with lots of letters that have holes in them (like O, P, B, etc)

First I printed off all the letters from my computer. I used font type “Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold” and made it as big as I could. You can pick a different font, but chunky fonts work best.

I folded my fabric in half and on one side I drew around my letters. I then sewed around the letters on the line and left a gap for turning.
Dont sew around any inner circles like on O, P, B etc!!!

I cut out the letters from the fabric with about a 1/2cm seam and turned them all right way out. The simple letters like T U S etc I stuffed and ladder stitched shut.

The O A D I had to make the hole in the middle. For this I marked the circle outline and with the letter right way out and stitched along the line. Then I stuffed the letter and ladder stitched it shut.
This gives the letter a flat area where there should be a hole. My fabric was terrible at fraying, but if you used a tight woven fabric you could trim out the hole, or paint it white maybe.

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