Monthly Archives: April 2011

Butterflies & Dragonflies

Ok I said Friday for my next post but it is now early Saturday, but that is nearly the same!!
So here are the photos of my latest creations.

Super cute butterfly and dragonfly decorations!! I have made both in 5 different colours (orange, blue, purple. pink & green) and they all have elastic string attached to hang them up.
I made a couple to hang on my window too because they just bring in so much colour!!

I make them with felt for the body and fabric for the wings (I stiffen the fabric so they don’t flop). They have tiny button eyes and wool legs. You can buy them at my Etsy shop for now and I am going to make a bunch more to take to the craft fair in 2 months time (omg I must get sewing for that!!).

Enjoy your weekend, I am going to go sit on the balcony and sew because it is just lovely outside today!!