Friday? Can’t be… must still be Wednesday!

I can not believe today is Friday! Really Friday! End of the week! All those days just gone!
All I have done this week is sew and cut fabric and sew more!
I have been counting down the days until my first craft fair (arghh its next weekend!!)
I have a mile long list of stuff I still want to get ready for it, and another mile long list of new things I wanted to make but have not had time to.
Today I will be going through my list and crossing off a few things because I just can not do it all in time for the craft fair. But don’t worry, top of my list is still the mini cake tutorial for this weekend!

One thing I did manage to get done for the fair is a couple of little Lamkins Lamb’s!

They are made from a pattern made by Pauline from Funky Friends Factory. I just love her patterns, the toys they produce are just soooo professional looking and relatively easy to make. I have only made 3 because they are too big for me to post (at a reasonable price) so am not going to be listing them in my Etsy shop. But I hope people will love them at the craft fair.

Again don’t forget to come back over the weekend for my mini cake tutorial.

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