Lots of half projects finished!

April has been such a busy month compared to February and March, which is great to have lots of work, but sad because all the work has been website and I have not had as much time to sew things!

But the last few days my boyfriend has been working super long shifts (9am until 10pm!!) so I have been able to flood the lounge with fabric, lay out half completed projects and work my way through them all!
It is so lightening to have so many things completed and ready to list in my etsy shop, as well as have more stock ready for my craft fair in 1 months time! (omg I must get to work prepping for that!!)

So here are some images of the things I finished this weekend!

Now I have these completed I am going to start brainstorming for something I can make to sell and raise money for breast cancer research. And also another tutorial! I can not decide between another felt toy animal, or more felt food, what would people like first?

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