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Felt fruit salad tutorial

I love fruit salads because they are so colourful and bright, but sadly I don’t like a lot of the fruits that go in them (I am very picky!)
So I decided to make a felt fruit salad! I can look at all the pretty colours and not have to eat any of it!! Perfect!!

Download the pattern sheet here, it has the patterns for all the fruits on it.

How to make the apples pieces

1. Cut out the pattern pieces from the pattern pdf above, and use them to cut out your felt pieces.
2. Fold your cream felt circle in half, and mark two dots about 1/2cm down from the fold and away from the centre  Pass your thread through the felt near the mark and back again but don’t pull it tight.
3. About 1cm away from the dot bring the needle back up through the felt and through the loop we made in step 2. Sew back through the felt very close to where the needle came out, pull the threads tight. This makes a “pip” looking stitch. Repeat so you have 4 “pips”.
4. Fold the cream circle in half, and starting at the top of the fold, line up with the top point of the green oval felt pieces. Sew around the circle using a whip stitch.
5. When you are nearly all the way around add some stuffing to the apple and then finish sewing it shut.
Your apple slice is all done, make a couple more for your fruit salad.

How to make the banana slices

1. Cut out the pattern pieces from the pattern pdf above, and use them to cut out your felt pieces.
2. On each of the small circles sew three lines with brown thread like shown.
3. Between each line add a French knot (also in brown thread)
4. Sew the long strip of felt around the edge of one circle using a simple whip stitch. When you are all the way around add a couple of stitches to the long strip of felt where the two ends overlap.
5. Whip stitch the other circle to the other side of the long strip of felt and add some stuffing before finishing off the stitching.
Your banana slice is all done, make a couple more for your fruit salad.

How to make the orange pieces

1. Cut out the pattern pieces from the pattern pdf above, and use them to cut out your felt pieces.
2. Sew around the edge of the circle to the oval felt piece using a whip stitch.
3. Add some stuffing to the orange before you finish sewing all the way around the circles edge.
4. When you finish sewing around the edge push the needle through the orange to come out 1/3 of the way along the bottom edge (the bit we just sewn up). Then pass the needle through the felt near the centre of the top folded edge.
5. Sew back through the orange 2/3 along the bottom edge, passing the needle through to the other side to repeat the steps for the other side. Pull the thread tight to give some shape to the felt orange before knotting the end of the thread.
Your orange slice is all done, make a couple more for your fruit salad.

How to make the kiwi

1. Cut out the pattern pieces from the pattern pdf above, and use them to cut out your felt pieces.
2. Sew the little round circle onto the centre of the bigger green circle.
3. Going around the edge of the white circle, create little white stitches about 1cm apart all the way around.
4. Between each white stitch make a French knot with black thread.
5. Fold the kiwi in half and sew around the edge, leave a gap to add a little stuffing, then finish sewing closed the edge.
Your kiwi is all done, make a couple more for your fruit salad.

How to make the strawberries
To make the strawberries follow the directions in my other tutorial, but make it a little smaller and leave out the ribbon loop bit.

If you just love this but don’t have the time to make it yourself it is also for sale in my Etsy webshop.

Come back tomorrow for directions on how to make the little bag to keep your fruit salad in.
And next week I will be showing how to make little cakes that you can decorate with your fruit also!

Happy and with tutorial plans

Yesterday I was so excited to find out that within 1 hour of listing my Little Red Riding Hood she was bought!! Today she is on her way to her new owner where I am sure she will get lots of love.

I was also super happy to be asked if I could write some tutorials for the EtsyKids team blog! I am already writing a list of tutorials to share there (and here on my own blog) and think I am going to go through a series of felt food tutorials.
So far I have

  • More fruit (apples, oranges, pear, banana)
  • Fruit salad mix
  • Veggies
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Bigger desserts, pies, sweets etc
  • Sushi
  • Pizza & toppings
And lots more, if there is something you would like added to the list, please leave it in a comment and I will see what I can do about including it!
I will be posting my next tutorial over the weekend so check back then what I pick to do first!

2 New Dolls

This weekend I struggled through my hayfever suffering to finish these two new dolls.

Roxanne (or Roxy) is a new standard doll I made, she has a more punk rock feel than my other dolls and I had great fun making her! I love the guitar that she has and am so pleased with how she turned out. Buy her here on Etsy.

Red is the first in a series of fairytale themed dolls I plan to make. With the new movie “Little Red Riding Hood” coming out soon I decided to make her first and just love how she turned out. She is just as I imagined her to be, and I love how her cape turned out. You can buy her here.

I always wish I had space to keep everything I make, I love my dolls so much and each have their own character and style! I love the fact that I can also sell them on Etsy so I can fund making more of them!

Felt ice cream cone tutorial

Summer fun time! And just what everyone wants with this warm weather is a felt ice cream cone!!!

You will need:

  • White felt
  • Cream or cookie coloured felt
  • Toy stuffing
  • Thread, scissors & sewing machine
  • This pattern
Step 1
Print off the pattern (link above) and cut out your pieces from felt.

Step 2
To give the cone a real cone like texture we are going to sew lines across it with the sewing machine. They do not need to be perfect but about 1cm apart gives it a good look.

Now fold the cone piece in half, right sides together and sew along the edge. Turn right way out.

Step 3
Now to add the ice cream “drip”. Wrap your ice cream drip around the cone (with it right way out) and pin it into place.

Now sew around the top edge securing the ice cream drip to the cone.

Step 4
Now to make the ice cream!
Take your circle of felt and do a running stitch all the way around the edge. (sorry this picture came out terrible)

Start to pull the thread tighter and add some stuffing in side it to make a “ball” shape. When you pulled the thread as much as you can (it can be difficult if using a thick felt) do some stitches back and fourth on top to secure it all.

Step 5
Lastly to attach the ice cream to the cone use a ladder stitch to sew the two together. Before you go all the way around add some toy stuffing to the cone.

Thats it! Yummy! You can also decorate your ice cream with sprinkles, cherries or strawberries (see my other tutorial for them!)

Cushion cover giveaway!

Today Apple n Amos are opening their 100 sales giveaway! I know Apple n Amos through the Etsy Kids team and was happy she has reached 100 sales I decided to offer one of my cushion covers in her celebratory giveaway! (Or you can pick a €10 gift voucher)
The giveaway starts today and ends on Sunday, so make sure you stop by and enter because as well as my cushions there are lots of other great things from the Etsy kids team members up for grabs!
Go and enter. (Be sure to read the rules first!) Competition closed! Well done Melissa who won.