Monthly Archives: June 2011

Mammoth carrots!

Last night I used for the first time some of the carrots we have been growing on our balcony!
I pulled out a couple and they were a bit tiny (6-8cm long) and then I pulled out this mammoth sized one!

It was 15cm long! Tulip (my rabbit) did not get to sink her teeth into this one! Instead we did 😀
I am so proud of how the carrots have grown! I am definitely going to be growing them again next year.

New buttons & Design team

Last week I found this great little shop called Sew Sweet, and they sell wool mix felt, ribbon, buttons and other lovely craft things.
I looked through the whole web shop because it had so many cute items, and in the end I ordered some buttons, ribbon and a few other things. Here is what I ordered:

I loved all the button colours, they have so much variety! They also have a great blog, and last week they were asking for people to apply to be a designer for them. I thought it was a great chance so sent an email to Emma and was so happy when I was picked with several others to be a “Sew Sweet Designer”!!
I am really looking forward ideas and tutorials with you and Sew Sweet shoppers. And also great fun to work along side these other Sew Sweet designers!

Ninja rabbit!

I don’t draw much now, but sometimes it is nice to doodle. Today my naughty little ninja rabbit was stealing more carrots from the flower pots (there wont be many left at this rate!) and it gave me a little inspiration for this picture.

I always start with a pencil sketch that I scan into my computer and then use photoshop to do the outline and block fill in. I did not spend too long on it because I still have a bit more sewing to do today, but I love how it turned out so wanted to share it 🙂

I am off back outside now to keep an eye on my little ninja bunny!

10 in the bed and the little one said…

10 in the bed and the little one said..

Today I finished the dolls for my wholesale order for Kado & Zo. Trying to get a photo of all 10 dolls in the frame was really hard!

One by one the dolls curled up in bubble wrap blankets and snuggled into the box ready to be posted off on Monday. It was great fun picking their names and writing about their personalities.

What to make?

Today I have been brainstorming what to make for the handmade gift exchange from Craftaholics Anonymous. I emailed with my assigned partner last week and have been racking my brains on what to make! I usually make lots of children things so trying to think of something for an adult is much harder than I thought!
But I have now narrowed down my list to a couple of things to get making ready to have them posted off by end of June.
Here is all the supplies I needed for all the bits I am making.

I can not tell exactly what I am making because I want it to be a big surprise for my gifting partner, but beginning of July I will be posting more about it and finished item pictures!