Monthly Archives: June 2011

Getting started on making dolls

I finished all the fruit bags this afternoon and got started on the next fun bit!Ā Designing the dolls!
I cut out the fabric for them and made a list of all the bits I need to make for each doll (so I don’t forget anything!)

I also went shopping this morning and found these lovely ribbon packs! One for the girls and one for the boys šŸ™‚

I can’t decide what to use them on! I am one of those people that hates to use things when I only have a limited supply of it, you know just in case I use them all up and then find the perfect project for them. Do you have that same problem?

Spring clean

It is nearly summer so I figured I really should get around to doing some spring cleaning before it is too late!
I had let things slip a little over the past month with getting ready for the craft fair and then wholesale orders. So I did a big tidy up of my sewing supplies, put things back where they should be and gave everywhere a good dust and hover.

I also read a very interesting post yesterday over at Somewhat SimpleĀ about ways to better manage keeping the home tidy. I don’t have such a difficultĀ scheduleĀ to clean around (no kids etc) but I often lack a bit of motivation when I have a pile of sewing waiting for me!

I also took some new photos of my items to update my etsy listings with, and also some new pictures of my new friend.

I made a bigger version of this snake a year ago, but it was too big to fit in a “letterpost” box, so decided to make a slightly smaller one that would fit so I could list it on Etsy (will do that tomorrow hopefully).

Fruit… fruit… fruit…

After a busy weekend I have a half full bowl of finished fruit, and a basket of bits I still need to sew. I will be happy when it is all done and I can get started on my dolls! I have all the designs ready for them and just need to think up some names for each doll. Anyone got any suggestions?

Sunny weekend

It has been so lovely and sunny today, it was nice sitting outside sewing while my little bunny ran up and down the balcony. I had to tell her off a few times forĀ eatingĀ the carrots we are growing! She did actually manage to pull a whole carrot up out of the box too! So before it was devoured I snapped a quick photo and gave it back to her to finish (since we were growing the carrots for her to eat anyway).

She was really happy munching it down and still kept trying to steal more carrots when I was not paying attention.
Also ourĀ tomatoĀ plants are looking good, a few leaves died last week because I forgot to water them (opps) but now they are fine again, and quite a few flowers coming out so hopefully we get some tomatoes soon!

Lots of fruit!

Last weekend at the craft fair in Deventer I chatted (with some help from the boyfriend) with a woman about offering some of my things for wholesale to her shop. I felt really good about it and liked that she was interested in my items and felt they would fit in nicely at her shop.

So this week when I got an email from her asking for my price list I got even more excited, and then I got the email asking me to make some of my dolls and some of my fruit salad bags for her shop!Ā I really wonder when I will get over the excited screaming I do when I sell something šŸ˜›

So this weekend I have been cutting and prepping lots of felt ready to make up the fruit salad bags for the order. Here is my pile for this weekend. I just love how piles of felt looks!