Sunny weekend

It has been so lovely and sunny today, it was nice sitting outside sewing while my little bunny ran up and down the balcony. I had to tell her off a few times for eating the carrots we are growing! She did actually manage to pull a whole carrot up out of the box too! So before it was devoured I snapped a quick photo and gave it back to her to finish (since we were growing the carrots for her to eat anyway).

She was really happy munching it down and still kept trying to steal more carrots when I was not paying attention.
Also our tomato plants are looking good, a few leaves died last week because I forgot to water them (opps) but now they are fine again, and quite a few flowers coming out so hopefully we get some tomatoes soon!

One thought on “Sunny weekend

  1. Sew Sweet

    Oh My how cute! We are growing tomatoes, well i say we, our daughter who is 8 loves to grow her own vegetables but unfortunately im not very green fingered and anything i touch in the garden doesn’t have a very long life expectancy lol
    The carrots look delicious, i hope she’s enjoying them
    emma x


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