Off on holiday!!

Well technically I have been on holiday since the weekend, but now I really am off on holiday to visit my family & friends in the UK!!
The rabbit is settled with my boyfriends parents, the poor tomato plants have been left to die since we have no one to water them  🙁
I have just about managed to squeeze shut my suitcase (why did I think I could manage 2 weeks away with just a carry on suitcase?!)
I have a list with lots of ticks (but also lots of non ticks), but that can wait until I am home again.

It has been nearly a whole year since I saw my family so am very happy to be going to visit them this summer, as such I promised not to bring any sewing with me and that I would not blog and instead enjoy and spend as much time as possible having fun with everyone! So I will see you all when I am back (4th August) and my Etsy shop will also re-open then with a couple of new surprises being added later that week.

Enjoy your summer everyone!!

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