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This weather is horrible! It feels more like October, wet rain every day and so cold I am soooo tempted to turn on the heating! I needed a bit of happy cheery so went to see the last Harry Potter movie yesterday. It was a great movie, although not the best I thought (please dont attack me for saying that!). But I did get a terrible headache because it made me cry so much! I now just want it to be out on DVD so I can watch them all together, one after the other (with nap gaps).

In other news I have been working a lot on website stuff this week but managed to fit in a couple of craft things, including trying a new pattern.

Cute baby girl diaper covers! I wanted to make something cute for a baby because My Uncle and his wife are having their first baby at the beginning of next year and it is going to be a girl!! (This will be the first baby girl in my family since me!!! 6 boys and now finally a girl!!) So I have a couple of new baby things that I want to try so I can make lots of gifts for her, and also pick some of the best to add to my shop collection.

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