Slowly recovering

Sorry for dissappearing for a couple of days there!
Saturday morning I had such grand plans for a fun packed weekend of sewing. I got up early, chatted to my mum on skype and then went out to do the food shopping. Unfortunately that is as far as my great weekend went, as the rest was spent curled up in bed with a nasty evil tummy bug that continued Monday and Tuesday too.
So my big long “To Do” list has be relabelled for next weekend and I have been taking it slowly today, sitting on the couch doing some slow hand sewing. I managed to finish off a bag of fruit salad that I started last week. The fruit salad bags have been out of stock from my shop since June because I had a large wholesale order for them I could not face sewing more right afterwards. But with the new felt I got from Sew Sweet I thought I would make them again, this time using wool blend felt because some of the felt had much better colours.

Anyone who is interested the tutorial can be found here, and this time I used the following felt to make the fruit.
Banana – Vanilla
Apple – Vanilla & Emerald
Orange – Orange
Kiwi – WhiteMeadow
Strawberry – RedEmerald

I will be also adding it to my Etsy shop again tomorrow.

One thought on “Slowly recovering

  1. Sew Sweet

    oooohh! i love these, there good enough to eat. Everytime you post some of your gorgeous felt goodies i wanna make them straight away, your such an inspiration sweetie. Im supposed to be staying off puter today but couldn’t resist coming over for a closer look. Thanks for the link to the tutorial : )
    emma x


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