Trying scrapbooking again

When I lived in the UK and had lots of spare room (and spare money) I did a lot more paper crafts, including scrapbooking. When I packed up all my things to move to the Netherlands most of my paper craft things went to a car boot because there just was not the space to bring it all with me. Since then my photos just stay in a folder on my computer, or never even make it off my camera!

So last week when I was contacted by My Memories about trying their software I was very excited! I downloaded the software and a couple of design kits and got stuck in using my photos from this summer!
I managed to make the first page within 20 mins! Very impressed with how easy the software is to use. I also used it to make a calendar.

I think I might make some of these for family at Christmas since they are so easy, but can be made to be so personal! You can also make movies, birthday cards, christmas cards etc, burn the scrapbook to dvd to share with family members too, so I have plenty to keep playing around with!

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