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More mini felt purses

I made some more mini felt purses today.

(left) Pink snail – felt & buttons from Sew Sweet, zipper from Zippit
(center) Dusty rose heart – felt from Sew Sweet, zipper form Zippit, fabric and ribbon from statsh.
(right) Blue heart – felt & buttons from Sew Sweet, zipper from Zippit

I also finally added them to my etsy shop.
And don’t forget the tutorial here to try making some yourself.

Felt art

I have had this idea in my head for months, and had the photo frames sat in my cupboards for just as long ­čśŤ
Yesterday I finally got myself together and made these three cute felt art images in decorated wooden frames.

I made the images in the same way I would for my cushions, and instead sewed them onto a layer of felt. The felt was a bit floppy so I added an extra layer sewn onto the back. I then painted up the frames to match the felt art.
I decided to put the glass of the frame behind the felt so that kids can touch the felt and it just makes them a bit different to a printed art work.
Materials used:
Various colours of felt from Sew Sweet
Robot eyes are from button mix bag from Sew Sweet
Cupcake ribbon I had already.

I am listing all three frames in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow.

New doll sewing pattern

Wow! I reached 100 followers! Thank you everyone who visits my blog!! It is really nice to know I don’t write this blog and tutorials for nothing ­čÖé

I also have my next sewing pattern all ready! Meet Josh and James

They are made with my new “Best buddies doll” sewing pattern! I felt a boy doll pattern was a good addition to my “Best friends doll” girl pattern I released a couple of weeks ago.
The pattern is 8 pages long and includes full computer illustrated steps to make a doll just like Josh, and includes computer drafted pattern that includes 4 different hair options.
You can buy the pattern in my Etsy shop, along with my other patterns.

It will be November before I bring out my next sewing pattern as I need to get things ready for the upcoming craft fair diezijn leuk!

To do list & calendar printable

I seem to have a lot to do at the moment.
With my up coming craft fair, Christmas, dutch lessons and exam, website work and general house work I am writing a to do list for pretty much every day!
So to help me with keeping on top of my work load I made these cute to do lists and thought I should share them with my blog readers, because everyone needs a good list making sometimes!

You can download them as a pdf here. I have fitted 6 to a page so you can print them off and just cut them up.
If you print enough off you could make a little pad with them using this tutorial. (I would love to do that but can’t get the glue stuff in the┬áNetherlands).

And if you are not a list maker but rather a calendar girl (not like the movie!) I also made this cute little calendar to match the to do lists.

Download it here. It goes until the end of the year, I will be making a new design for my 2012 calendars.

Finished custom cushion order

This afternoon I finished the last cushion in my custom order.

I just adore how they turned out and tomorrow the will be on their way to a new home and a snuggly couch!

Tomorrow I will doing the final testing of my next doll pattern. I had planned to have the pattern ready by the weekend but got delayed when my printer got hungry and just kept munching up paper. Now I have a new printer and can print off the pattern to check it is all correct. Hopefully I will have it ready by Monday for you all (maybe Tuesday is I get lazy busy).