Felt art

I have had this idea in my head for months, and had the photo frames sat in my cupboards for just as long 😛
Yesterday I finally got myself together and made these three cute felt art images in decorated wooden frames.

I made the images in the same way I would for my cushions, and instead sewed them onto a layer of felt. The felt was a bit floppy so I added an extra layer sewn onto the back. I then painted up the frames to match the felt art.
I decided to put the glass of the frame behind the felt so that kids can touch the felt and it just makes them a bit different to a printed art work.
Materials used:
Various colours of felt from Sew Sweet
Robot eyes are from button mix bag from Sew Sweet
Cupcake ribbon I had already.

I am listing all three frames in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow.

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