To do list & calendar printable

I seem to have a lot to do at the moment.
With my up coming craft fair, Christmas, dutch lessons and exam, website work and general house work I am writing a to do list for pretty much every day!
So to help me with keeping on top of my work load I made these cute to do lists and thought I should share them with my blog readers, because everyone needs a good list making sometimes!

You can download them as a pdf here. I have fitted 6 to a page so you can print them off and just cut them up.
If you print enough off you could make a little pad with them using this tutorial. (I would love to do that but can’t get the glue stuff in the¬†Netherlands).

And if you are not a list maker but rather a calendar girl (not like the movie!) I also made this cute little calendar to match the to do lists.

Download it here. It goes until the end of the year, I will be making a new design for my 2012 calendars.

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