About 1 month ago I was lucky enough to win a great giveaway over at Pink Stitches. I won $30 store credit to spend at Zipit. I have only used zips in a couple of projects before (I find them a bit scary), but decided to order a collection of 3inch zips in lots of pretty colours and they arrived today!

Look at those lovely colours… I almost don’t want to use them! But then I do have lots of them so maybe I can use a couple 😀

And in the packet was an extra surprise that I had not ordered. This super cute zipper pull and a fortune telling fish! (fish says I am “in love” which I am, with the zips!)

I have a couple of ideas on what to use the zips on, properly to make some cute little purses and maybe something for Christmas. I am sure I will share what I decide to use them on in a later post, (and also how my attempts with zips went!)

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