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The Christmas Challenge!

I am taking part in the Christmas Challenge over on Polka Dot Daze! I know we haven’t even had Halloween yet (not that it is celebrated much in the Netherlands) but I can’t help being in the Christmas mood already!

I think this is partly because this year (like last year) I am making all the presents for my family members. But because my family live in the UK I need to have everything ready in plenty of time to post over to them for Christmas. So the Christmas Challenge sounded like great motivation for me!

Everyone taking part is sharing their Christmas “to make” list and we all keep each other motivated to get the whole list done before the end of November! If you feel like taking part to, go over to Polka Dot Daze and leave a comment.

Pompom bat {tutorial}

Just a cute small tutorial to share with you today! A couple of weeks ago I found a set of those pompom makers really cheap in a charity shop (I was so excited when I saw them!). So I had been making random pompom’s for no reason at all and remembered making back in Girl Guides little pompom bats.

So to make these little bats you need a pompom, mine was 5cm diameter and you can use the little tools, or use the traditional way (great tutorial for that here).

Once you have your pompom cut out some bat wings from black felt and some little fang triangles from white felt (I used my wool mix felt from Sew Sweet).

Using a hot glue gun add a splodge of glue down the middle of the bat wings and plop your pompom ontop of it. Wait a couple of seconds so it cools and sticks.

Hot glue on the little felt fangs to the front, and add some googly eyes for cuteness! (or if like me you don’t have any, just some white felt circles with black sequins work too)

I wish I had more colours of wool, I would love to make some pumpkins with orange wool and a little green felt stem and black felt scary face! If I can find my black wool I might make a spider too with felt fangs and pipe cleaner legs.

Hand cramp!! And a finished quilt

Rikka (from ricochet and awaywasn’t kidding when she said she got hand cramp snipping all the edges on her blanket! My finished quilt is half the size of hers but I am so glad it wasn’t bigger!

I went with the simple X for each square and spent ages working out how to order the squares so I didn’t have any matching fabric next to each other on the front, or the back!

I am so happy with how it turned out too and think it will make a lovely gift for my soon to arrive cousin! (This will be the first girl born into my near family circle since me! 6 Boys, and finally a girl!)
I also feel really happy that I finally made a quilt! I see them on Etsy a lot and they are always soooo beautiful 🙂

Rag quilt for my soon to arrive cousin

The other day I saw a lovely pink rag quilt featured on Craft Gossip.

Rikka from ricochet and away made the cute quilt for her daughter and it is the first time I have seen a rag quilt.
I loved the idea because as Rikka says in her post, you can work on one square at a time making it perfect when you only have limited work space (like me!)
So here is my piles of fabric all cut out, and piles of batting and I am getting ready to start sewing them together this evening (but have to clear it all away to have dinner in a bit).

I will show it all finished over the weekend!