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Halloween treat box {printable}

I love some of the cute printable’s that I have seen around the internet! Since I love to play around in Photoshop when I am bored, I decided to give making some printable’s a go and made this cute little Halloween treat box.

The box prints onto 1 page, and makes a cute box for Halloween favours or presents for the kids this Halloween!

You can download the pdf file here, and just make sure to print it with no scaling / 100%.

I am sharing this printable in the following link parties:

Christmas Decorations!

Oh it really is starting to feel like Christmas now! We had some hail stones over the weekend and it is so cold I need my hot water bottle in bed!
I finally got around to photographing my Christmas decorations and putting them on Etsy.

I also added in a new decoration to the collection this year, red robin. All items are on sale in my Etsy shop.

Christmas Cushions

This weekend was super busy, with etsy orders, sewing patterns and a broken computer my “to do” list didn’t have many things crossed off!
One thing I did manage to finish was 3 new cushions made from a lovely red tartan blanket.

With Christmas coming soon this blanket just screamed Christmas themed cushion so I decided to make a white Robin bird silhouette on the front of the cushion, and keep the blankets tassels for the back.
The cushion is listed in my etsy shop now.

Skirt pattern for my dolls

Well I wanted to share some free patterns to go with my dolls and decided to make my first one a pattern to make a cute little skirt!

Fabric – 25″ x 6″
Elastic – 9″
General sewing supplies etc

Sewing a skirt

1) Fold the SKIRT fabric in half length ways with right sides together. Sew along the edge.

2) Fold 1/4″ of the lower edge up and press. Fold it another 1/4″ down and sew along the lower edge to make the bottom hem of your skirt.

3) Fold 1/4″ of the top edge down and press. Now fold it 1/2″ down and press again. Sew along the fold and leave a 1″ gap to put the elastic in.

4) Attach one end of your elastic to a safety pin and thread it into the gap you left in the top hem and around the skirt. Overlap the two ends of the elastic and sew them together by hand then let the elastic go inside the top hem of the skirt and sew closed the opening.

Coming next week a free pattern to add glasses to my doll sewing patterns.

Mega Man to the rescue!!

No evil will go unpunished with Mega Man to save the day and beat the bad guys!!

The pattern is 5 pages long and includes computer illustrated step by step instructions to make a fabric cape, felt mask and felt money bag. The pattern also includes 26 letter templates so you can put your own initial on the back of the cape and $, £ and € embroidery patterns for the money bag.

I have now listed the pattern in my etsy shop and in the patterns section of this blog.