Pompom bat {tutorial}

Just a cute small tutorial to share with you today! A couple of weeks ago I found a set of those pompom makers really cheap in a charity shop (I was so excited when I saw them!). So I had been making random pompom’s for no reason at all and remembered making back in Girl Guides little pompom bats.

So to make these little bats you need a pompom, mine was 5cm diameter and you can use the little tools, or use the traditional way (great tutorial for that here).

Once you have your pompom cut out some bat wings from black felt and some little fang triangles from white felt (I used my wool mix felt from Sew Sweet).

Using a hot glue gun add a splodge of glue down the middle of the bat wings and plop your pompom ontop of it. Wait a couple of seconds so it cools and sticks.

Hot glue on the little felt fangs to the front, and add some googly eyes for cuteness! (or if like me you don’t have any, just some white felt circles with black sequins work too)

I wish I had more colours of wool, I would love to make some pumpkins with orange wool and a little green felt stem and black felt scary face! If I can find my black wool I might make a spider too with felt fangs and pipe cleaner legs.

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