Skirt pattern for my dolls

Well I wanted to share some free patterns to go with my dolls and decided to make my first one a pattern to make a cute little skirt!

Fabric – 25″ x 6″
Elastic – 9″
General sewing supplies etc

Sewing a skirt

1) Fold the SKIRT fabric in half length ways with right sides together. Sew along the edge.

2) Fold 1/4″ of the lower edge up and press. Fold it another 1/4″ down and sew along the lower edge to make the bottom hem of your skirt.

3) Fold 1/4″ of the top edge down and press. Now fold it 1/2″ down and press again. Sew along the fold and leave a 1″ gap to put the elastic in.

4) Attach one end of your elastic to a safety pin and thread it into the gap you left in the top hem and around the skirt. Overlap the two ends of the elastic and sew them together by hand then let the elastic go inside the top hem of the skirt and sew closed the opening.

Coming next week a free pattern to add glasses to my doll sewing patterns.

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