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My gift exchange gift

This month I took part in the handmade gift exchange over at craftaholics anonymous.
I love taking part in her gift exchanges, it is so fun to meet you gifting partner and think up what you want to make for them!

This time I was partnered up with Katherine from Ireland. I sent her an email about myself and think I like and got one back too. Reading through her email nothing jumped to mind to make so it took me awhile to get started but in the end this is what I made her.

I have to admit I took the basic peacock design from a postcard I have and made it all bright colours instead of the postcards teal and purple, and I also changed the tear drop shapes to circles because I wanted buttons, and round buttons looked stupid on tear drop shaped felt pieces, but if I wasn’t adding buttons I think I would have stuck with tear drops.

The tote is made of a sandy velvety feeling fabric, and the peacock is made from felt circles with buttons sewn on. I used a light blue cotton for the lining. It is a pretty big bag so you can keep lots in it, and my partner also likes to knit so I thought if she doesn’t use it as a handbag, she could use it to keep wool and stuff in!

To make it, I first cut out my tote pieces. I cut two pieces 35cm by 50cm and two the same size from the lining and interfacing, and then 2 pieces 10cm by 50cm for the handles. Then I cut out all the different sizes of felt circles, I did it freehand (because I was too lazy to draw around things). I then sketched on a piece of paper the design and used that to mark points on the bag to sew the lines. Once I did all the lines I sewed on the peacocks body, and the circles above her head. Then I machine sewed on each of the other circles, using my sketch as a guide on where I needed them to go. Once they were on  I sewed on each button.
Because my fabric was medium weight I added a layer of interfacing, but if you are smarter than me you do this before you sew on all the buttons, it is not easy to iron on top of buttons!!
Once that was done I constructed the bag like a general tote, adding 8cm box corners to it. If you have never made a tote before here are some great tutorials for it.

I also included some small extra gifts in with my package, some buttons, little felt purse and some Christmas decorations.

Christmas Challenge – Round Up

Well today I had to get my presents in the post to my family, so it was the deadline for me also for the Christmas Challange.
Now the big question, did I complete my Christmas sewing list?


This weekend was crazy, but I managed it! I did all my Christmas gift sewing, my craft exchange sewing, custom orders and wholesale Christmas items! Phew!
Over the last couple of weeks I made:
1 Sponge Bob cushion

1 Gruffallo cushion

2 Christmas stockings, filled with sweets

2 Fabric storage baskets filled with sweets

6 shopping bag holders in different colours for family members

And now it is all wrapped up and in the post to my family in time for Christmas.

For the next week I will have a little break from sewing while I catch up with all my other work, website etc
And on Thursday begins my Christmas Tutorial Advent Calendar!!

Gruffalo, Gruffalo…. GRUFFALOOooo

One gift I wanted to make this year was a Gruffalo cushion for my nephew. He loves the book, and last year my sister got him Gruffalo bedding but it was terrible quality so now I made him this cushion for Christmas.

Maddeningly thought I had to do lots of research to make sure I got all the details and now I have the music of it in my head!!!

Working on lots all at once

Today I have been working on a couple of things as well as being super busy with some website projects (2 on the go at once!)

Juffies asked if I could make some angel decorations to go with my Christmas collection so I made them and took them to the shop.

I also finished my big project for Craftaholics Anonymous gift exchange, but can’t share until I post it off, so it is just waiting for a last couple of things to go in with it!

And I also now have both dates for my dutch exams so am trying to fit in extra studing for them too! Oh such a busy season

Special orders

I send out quite a few custom orders but never want to post pictures till the items arrive with their new owners, so here are a two sweet little ballerina dolls that I know are at their new homes now 🙂

I really love making the ballerina dolls because they are just sooooo cute when finished 🙂