My Christmas Challenge List

Well this last week was busy, but I did find some time to think about my Christmas gift list! I am also including items I need to make for two birthdays as I have to post them with all my other items back to the UK at the end of November.

Kids gifts
4 large felt Christmas stockings with different designs. I am going to then fill with dutch chocolate and candy.
1 Sponge Bob cushion cover
1 Gruffalo cushion cover

Adult gifts
I need to find an idea to make small gifts for older family members. I am still trying to decide what to make/buy for them but here are some ideas.

  • Christmas decorations
  • Candles or soap
  • Dutch candy hamper in a handmade box
  • Felt coffee coasters with cup and coffee beans
  • Lavender scent bag
  • And still searching for more ideas

I sometimes wish I had kids because then there are so many other ideas I could make!

In addition to Christmas gifts, I am also getting started on ideas for this years Christmas tutorial advent calendar. I will post about that next week!

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