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Fruity Plushies!!!

As promised on Thursday with my feeling fruity etsy treasury today’s special news is of a release of my next sewing pattern… for fruity plushies!!

I have one more plushie to finish photographing tonight to make the set complete and will release the pattern tomorrow in my Etsy shop.

And also on Wednesday I will be announcing a special giveaway to celebrate the fact my blog reached 200 followers!! Yay!!! So be sure to check back then.

Felt Heart Keyring Tutorial

Felt Heart Keychain or brooch {Tutorial}

It was Mother’s Day back in March for the UK, and it was very sad that I could not visit my mum, but I got to skype with her. But by a happy chance she has a work trip to Germany this week, and so is coming to visit me in the Netherlands over the weekend, and it just so happens to be Mother’s Day for the Netherlands and much of the world!! So I have some lovely plans to take my Mum out, I just hope the weather picks up a little : )

So I thought it would be lovely to share a tutorial to make a small last minute gift for your special Mum.

Felt Heart Keyring Tutorial

Small scrap of fabric (works best if it has a small print on it)
2 different colours of felt that match with your fabric
2 x 5cm/2″ piece of thin ribbon (about 6mm wide)
Small button
Seed beads
Keyring or brooch back

Step 1
Print off the pattern and cut it out.
Cut out one heart1 from your fabric, one heart2 from felt, and two heart3 from matching felt colour.

Step 2
Pin the small fabric heart1 onto the felt heart2. Sew the two hearts together.

Step 3
Take one piece of 5cm / 2inch ribbon and fold it into a tiny loop. Sew the ribbon onto the heart and then add the tiny button on top.

Step 4
Place the heart on top of a felt heart3 and pin in place. Using a running stitch, sew the hearts together. Every up stitch add a seed beed as you sew around the heart.

Step 5
If you want to make a brooch rather than a keychain, sew a brooch bar onto the back of your second felt heart3.

Step 6
Take your second felt heart 3 and pin it to the back of the heart. If you are making a keychain add the second ribbon loop and keyring at the top. Blanket stitch around the edge of the heart with a contrasting thread colour.

Your keychain or brooch is finished : )
Wrap it up to give to your Mum, Grandma, and other loved ones.