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Ladybug & Daisy Garland {Tutorial}

This week I am sharing a tutorial to make an adorable summer garland with ladybugs and daisies.

To make this you will need:
Felt (red, black, white & yellow)
285cm / 114inchs of red ribbon
Scissors, thread etc + hot glue gun
Pattern (download here)

Start by printing off the pattern and using it to cut out all your felt shapes. You want to have 4 ladybug tummies, 4 ladybug tops, 18 ladybug spots, 5 daisy shapes, 5 daisy centers and 5 8cm squares.
Also cut your ribbon down so you have 9 pieces that are 15cm / 6inchs long, and then one long piece left that is about 150cm / 60inches.

Makeing the Daisies
To make the daisy, stitch the yellow centers onto each of the daisy shapes. Then pin the daisy shape onto one of the square felt pieces. From the top of one petal slide the ribbon between the two layers of felt and pin in place. Stitch around the outside of the daisy, either by machine or handsewing. Now trim the felt square to the same shape as the daisy. Repeat to make a total of 5 daisies.

Makeing the Ladybug
To make the ladybugs, take your red ladybug top, and stitch on 4 black dots. You can evenly space them or make them all random! Then pin the red top onto the black ladybug tummy, and add the end of a ribbon pieces between the two layers, somewhere near the head. Stitch all the way around the edge, either by machine or handsewing. Repeat to make a total of 4 ladybugs.

Making the Garland
Fold your long piece of ribbon in half to find the center point. On the back of the ribbon mark the center point lightly with pen, and then mark 5 more points each side of the center, about 10cm / 4inches apart.
With your hot glue gun, add a small blog of glue on the center point (on the back of the ribbon) and glue down the end of a daisy ribbons, making sure the daisy is facing downwards (so you can not see the yellow center). Repeat this going along, switching between daisies and ladybugs, and always making sure the front is facing downwards.

When finished flip it over and hang up somewhere pretty!!

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a garland!

Cancer Surviors Day – Butterfly Ribbon Brooch

I had planned a tutorial for this day almost a month ago, having had several family members and friends who have gone through cancer, and not all of them survived, cancer awareness and charities are always something special to me.
Then earlier this week I heard the news that my Aunty Pamela who has suffered from recurring cancer for years sadly passed away. I am unable to make the journey back home for her funeral, but this butterfly brooch is in memory of her, and my Grandad who also passed away some years ago from cancer.

Scrap felt
6mm Satin Ribbon in a colour from the cancer ribbon chart (see pattern download)
Small Brooch Bar
Glue Gun
Pattern (download here)

Step 1
Print off the pattern from the link above. Use it to cut out your felt in two contrasting shades.
And also cut 7cm piece of satin ribbon.

Step 2
Take one of the butterfly bodies and stitch the brooch bar onto the middle.

Step 3
Take your other butterfly body and sew on the butterfly wing felt pieces.

Step 4
Take your ribbon and fold it into a loop. Where the two ends overlap add a dab of glue or hot glue to secure them. Then add a dot of glue or hot glue to the butterfly body and press the ribbon loop onto it.

Note: You can sew the ribbon on, but I did not want the stitches to show.

Step 5

Take the two butterfly bodies and pin them together, then sew around the outside edge. Your brooch is finished. These are lovely to make in all different ribbon colours too, and support the cancer charity of your choice. See the downloadable pattern for a colour chart of ribbons.