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Mini Ribbon Paper Clips {Tutorial}

I can not believe it is already the end of the summer holidays!! Where has the time gone?!
I start back with my Dutch language course next week so go back to a busy schedule again, I will miss this extra time to sew that I have had over the summer.
But with back to school (or college, or University) I thought a fun cute little tutorial would be nice. I am a super organised person, and keep all my notes for Dutch grouped into piles per chapter and use paper clips to keep them together. But they are a little boring and plain so lets make them pretty!!

Start by making a cardboard tool thingy. You want some thick card, I used an old business card to make mine. Cut it to 1inch wide by 4inch long, with a slit midway in the width.

Cut some grosgrain ribbon to 4″ long. I used some from my stash from Sew Sweet. Wrap the ribbon around the tool thing and secure with some hair clips.

Pop your paper clip on top of the ribbon and with some sewing thread (doubled up) wrap it around the ribbon 4 times. Then carefully pull the thread tight and knot it. Slide the bow up off the paperclip and heat seal the ends of the ribbon if needed.

And then I made them in lots of pretty colour combinations. My work will look so nice this semester.

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Summer Kid Craft Projects – Paper Lollies

When I lived in the UK I was a member of Girlguiding, and often helped plan meetings and activities, especially the craft ones. As such I have a hoorde of kid craft projects on my computer and after watching the BBC weather advert (with the kids acting like royalty over their mum, demanding to be entertained) I figured I could share some with you and help keep the kids happy this summer.

So some summer paper Crafts

Paper Ice Lollies

Print off the pdf design (2 lollies a sheet) and let the kids colour them in. Then cut out the shapes, fold in half and stick together with a popsicle stick in the middle.
Download pdf file

Flip-Flop Matching Game

Print off the pdf file and cut out the squares. For younger children they can just match the colours, for older children they have to match colour, and left and right foot.
Download pdf file