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Another Craft Fair – Diezijn Leuk

Gosh, nearly the end of September already?!?!
I have to get my sewing fingers into action because in just over a month I will be at the Diezijn Leuk craft fair in Groningen (the Netherlands).

I love attending this market, it may be cold, and I may struggle with my Dutch, but getting to speak to people about what I make, and selling stuff face to face is just amazing!!
I will also have to plan how to get everything there again, last few times I managed with my bicycle loaded up to the heavans, hopefully I can pull it of again this year!

Read about my previous markets here:

Candy Corn Bunting {Tutorial}

This week I also have a Halloween tutorial to share with you all! Candy Corn Bunting!!

I have never tasted candy corn, but I think it looks very adorable, and I see so many crafty items inspired by it. So here is my own little tribute to candy corn.

White Felt
Yellow Felt
Orange Felt
2.5meters Ribbon
Glue Gun
Pattern (download here)

Download and print out the pattern linked above. I cut out 4 felt triangles of each colour, but if you want to make the bunting longer or shorter you can.

Take your ribbon, and measure 50cm in from the end (this is for hanging the bunting up later).
Take an orange felt triangle and your ribbon, and with your glue gun, add a line of glue along the ribbon, the width of your felt triangle. Press the felt triangle onto the ribbon, and let cool for a moment.

Take a yellow felt triangle, and do the same, making sure you glue it to the left of the white triangle (keeping your 50cm spare at the end on the right).

Continue to add more flags, going white, yellow, orange, white, yellow, orange and so on, until you used up all your triangles. To finish measure out another 50cm at the other end before trimming your ribbon, and heat seal the ends so they do not fray.
And now hang up your Candy Corn Bunting ready for Halloween!!