Monthly Archives: February 2013

Puppet Progress

So last week, and all weekend I worked on my puppet.
It was one disaster after another!

I tried 3 different head forms, all of which failed miserably. Either they had lumps and bumps, or puffy out lips etc.
Now finally I have one that is working (the one on the right)! And I only have to finish the hair and the puppet is finished!!

It has been such a challenge making this puppet, but it feels rewarding now that it is nearly all finished.
If you are wondering, the clothes I bought from a chairy store, they cost me €2, which is a lot less than the fabric and time would of cost, and this way you can change his clothes which is also fun!

A big project

So over the weekend I was working on a rather large project.

It is a giant plushie! And by giant I mean really big, the body sits at 35cm, and I still need to finish the head and make clothes for it.
So far I used up 4 bags of stuffing just for the body, and the head will take about the same again! But it will look so awesome when finished, I will share pictures of that later this week!