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Bow-licious Garland Tutorial

Can’t believe it is nearly the end of June now! Summer holidays are so close and I am ready for summer fun, family parties and celebrations!

Today I am sharing a lovely tutorial to make a pretty “Bow-licious Garland” from felt, and through out the month of July I will be sharing extra felt tutorials to continue the party mood!


So lets get started!!

You will need:

  • Felt in your party theme colours, I went with vintage colours, you could do red, white and blue, or different shades of pink, or a bright mix.
  • 2m of Ribbon, 9 bows makes about 150cm of bunting and you want to add a bit to the end to tie it up.
  • Cotton thread, Glue Gun & Scissors


You first want to pick out your felt colours, and decide the order you want it to go in. Keep in mind we will have 9 bows. I wanted pink, white, blue, white, pink, white, blue, white, pink as my colours for this garland.

So I cut out:

  • 4 x White rectangle, 12cm by 6cm
  • 4 x White rectangle, 6cm by 1.5cm
  • 3 x Pink rectangle, 12cm by 6cm
  • 3 x Pink rectangle, 6cm by 1.5cm
  • 2 x Blue rectangle, 12cm by 6cm
  • 2 x Blue rectangle, 6cm by 1.5cm

You can mix and match the colours, but for each bow you need one piece of 12cm by 6cm and another of 6cm by 1.5cm.


Take your ribbon and find the center point and mark it with a pen. Then make another mark 16cm along, and another till you have 4 marks either side of the middle mark (9 total).


Take one of your large felt rectangles, and place it under so the middle of the felt is under the mark on the ribbon. Using a bit of thread make a knot around the middle and pull tight so it pulls the felt into a bow shape. (If your ribbon moves, you can pull it through the thread to get the mark back in the center).
Repeat this along the length of your ribbon at each mark, so you have 9 bows on it.


On the back of the bow (side with the ribbon) add a dot of hot glue, and stick your smaller piece of felt down. Wrap the felt around the front of the bow, add another dot of hot glue where you started to stick down the felt. Trim off the excess felt so you don’t see anything from the front.
Repeat this for the rest of your bows.


And you are finished!

I hope you make lots of lovely garlands! And don’t forget to stop back next week for some more felt party decorations!!

Market day at Villa Petit Paradis Kinderopvang

So on Monday Juffies shared a link with my on Facebook for a childs daycare that was having a “activity day” on the weekend. They also had a few market stands available and someone had dropped out so they had a space to fill. So in my terrible Dutch I replied all excited to see if I could go and was supper happy when they said yes!! I danced around for the rest of Monday afternoon, until it sunk in that I needed to refresh my stock contents still after the April market *gulp*

So I sewed like crazy all week, made some lovely new items and got there Saturday to have the market.


The day was great, the place is amazing! I haven’t seen anything like it before, there were chickens and rabbits, and an amazing outside playing area, very natural  They had plays on, and a “Expedition Robinson” area where the kids were learning to make bows and start fires.

So overal a great day, thank you Villa Petit Paradis Kinderopvang for letting me come!!