Monthly Archives: October 2013

New fabric pinboards + button pins

I love pinboards! I have one next to my desk that I use to pin ideas, recipts, work stuff, notes etc

But pinboards are usually a boring brown colour, the natural colour of cork, or if you are lucky you will find one spray painted white or pink. But I like colour! So I made my own mini pinboards to keep by my computer and loved it so much I made a few more!

fabric pinboards

I made a few of these pinboards and they are listed in my Etsy shop, and I will be adding a few more fabric options next month!

And what craft pinboards would be complete without cute button pins! They are super easy to make, I took some photos and will post them tomorrow if you want to make your own too.


Sweet Christmas Decorations

This years Christmas decorations range is all about sweet treats! I showed a peek of these yummy cupcakes during the Marren markt, but here is some more detailed pics.

felt christmas decorations cupcake candy

 I have felt cupcakes with cherries on top, and my colourful candies Christmas decorations. They are all made from the lovely soft wool felt, and because it comes in lots of colours I was able to make lots of different ones in lots of happy colours!

felt christmas decorations cupcake candy

They may not be in your typical colours scheme for Christmas decorations, but I have always been a fan of brightness. I will be making some more “grown up” Christmas decorations later this week, so check back.

Unfortunately because of the size of these Christmas decorations they wont fit in letter post, so I can’t sell them in my etsy shop. But if I have time I would like to make them into a sewing kit so you can make them yourself if you like!