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A big project

So over the weekend I was working on a rather large project.

It is a giant plushie! And by giant I mean really big, the body sits at 35cm, and I still need to finish the head and make clothes for it.
So far I used up 4 bags of stuffing just for the body, and the head will take about the same again! But it will look so awesome when finished, I will share pictures of that later this week!

Starting A New Crafting Year!

I am not one to make new year resolutions, after Christmas I don’t have the energy or motivation to stick with them and do much better to do those things in spring when the weather is nicer and you have more energy.

But I did enjoy my two week vacation from work and crafting, and have fun things planned for the coming months (but I always have fun plans!). I am still working on some other new things and wont have them till the spring when I really get my “new year” drive.

But for now Happy New Year!! Hope you enjoyed the holiday season and all the best in the coming 365 days.


My Weeks Sewing Roundup

So as I mentioned I am going to the Diezijn Leuk craft market at the beginning of November, and I have piles of sewing to get through, and slowly I am getting stuff made.
Here is what I made this week

Denim Bunny – Just love how it turned out, going to make another I think.

Octoplush – In pink and red. I want to make a few more in other colours too.

I am trying to decide if I should start listing some of these larger toys in my Etsy shop, the only problem with them, is I can only ship within Europe because postage outside of Europe is ridiculous (€25 for a parcel!!)

twinkle twinkle little star

Last weekend I played Mario Party 9 with my boyfriend. We are not a huge fan of the new game play, but my boyfriend is a huge mario fan. He always plays yoshi and has a few favourite characters.
Back in 2010 I made him a chain chomp plushie. And this week I made him a luna plushie.

I made it from yellow fleece and it has a little bell inside so she even twinkles : )
I always love making plushies or cushions from books, games etc. It is so amazing seeing something from paper take a 3D form and be all cuddly.

Here is Chain Chomp: