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Etsy kids team staff member

Back in April I joined the Etsy Kids team. They really are a welcoming team and the information and help that is shared between members is amazing. When I joined I decided I really wanted to help contribute to the team in the best way I could, which for me was my skills in blog design and graphic design. I started helping out other team members once a month, and when the team leaders Marci and Jocelyn had a couple of questions about web hosting and team graphics I was more than happy to give advise and help them.
Then last week I was so surprised and happy to receive and email from Marci and Jocelyn asking me if I would become an official staff member of the team and help with team graphics and be the “go to” person when someone needed help. I happily excepted and look forward to helping out the team more!

If you are an Etsy seller who sells items for children then come join the team! We would love to have you!