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Diezijn Leuk

Last week I was on the Diezijn Leuk handmade market in Groningen. This was the 8th time I was on the market, and the 10th time the market had been held. So it was a special one.

diezijn leuk

As usual we were very lucky with the weather, a mild day, with no rain and a bit of sunshine towards the end, everything you hope for with an outdoors market in April.

This year the market was on a Monday because of Easter, but it meant there were lots of visitors, including many from Germany, so I was thankful that my husband speaks some German (at least enough to say prices etc).

On one side of the stand I had all my handmade products, and the other all my craft supplies.

diezijn leuk

And it was nice to be visited by some people who had been to my stand at past markets and shared stories and pictures of some of the things they had made with the craft supplies I sell.

Diezijn Leuk November 2014

This year (like for the past few years) I had a stand at the Diezijn Leuk market in Groningen.

The market is always great fun, you get to meet other creative people, and also interact with your customers.

diezijn leuk 2014

We were super lucky this year in that the weather was great! It was cool, but not cold and only a little windy now and then. It made all the difference to the day, and you could see that in how many people that came, it was busy all day through and come 5pm (time to pack up) I was exhausted.

diezijn leuk 2014

So thank you to everyone who came by to visit me on the day. Now it is over I can focus on Christmas orders again!

Market day at Villa Petit Paradis Kinderopvang

So on Monday Juffies shared a link with my on Facebook for a childs daycare that was having a “activity day” on the weekend. They also had a few market stands available and someone had dropped out so they had a space to fill. So in my terrible Dutch I replied all excited to see if I could go and was supper happy when they said yes!! I danced around for the rest of Monday afternoon, until it sunk in that I needed to refresh my stock contents still after the April market *gulp*

So I sewed like crazy all week, made some lovely new items and got there Saturday to have the market.


The day was great, the place is amazing! I haven’t seen anything like it before, there were chickens and rabbits, and an amazing outside playing area, very natural  They had plays on, and a “Expedition Robinson” area where the kids were learning to make bows and start fires.

So overal a great day, thank you Villa Petit Paradis Kinderopvang for letting me come!!

Diezijn Leuk Craft Fair 2012

So Sunday was the Diezijn Leuk craft fair in Groningen. It was an awesome day, quite cold but no rain till the very last 30 minutes so I can not complain.

I worked like crazy all week getting everything finished, and always there was plenty more I wish I had had time to make but didn’t (there is a never ending list!!)

I also want to say thank you to friends who stopped by to say hi, really helped keep the day going. Oh and of course thank you to everyone who bought something!!!

I also have a few new items that I will be listing in my etsy shop this week, and working on getting the bigger items listed too and sorting out their postage rates.

Another Craft Fair – Diezijn Leuk

Gosh, nearly the end of September already?!?!
I have to get my sewing fingers into action because in just over a month I will be at the Diezijn Leuk craft fair in Groningen (the Netherlands).

I love attending this market, it may be cold, and I may struggle with my Dutch, but getting to speak to people about what I make, and selling stuff face to face is just amazing!!
I will also have to plan how to get everything there again, last few times I managed with my bicycle loaded up to the heavans, hopefully I can pull it of again this year!

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